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Have you ever had a grease fire in the kitchen? Was your home struck by lightning? Unfortunately, disaster like this happen every day and leave people in a state of confusion. At Wallace Construction Group we take all the uncertainty out of a situation and get your life back on track. We are at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.


After the fire crew leaves, the home or business may be open to the elements from burned out walls, broken-in door/windows, etc. This leave your property susceptible to crime and looting, which is why you need to secure the structure as soon as possible. No matter what time of day you can call us and we will help you through it.


If you have ever had even a small fire you know what a mess a light smoke can create in your home, not to mention the stench of smoke. When a larger fire occurs, sometimes porous items need to be treated and/or replaced such as dry wall or roof trusses. Did you know that a different type of residue will be left on cabinets and such if you burn a piece of chicken than if you catch the pot roast on fire? Did you know it depends on the type of finish on your cabinets whether they are cleanable or not? Have you ever seen a home with an ever so fine layer of soot on everything that was caused by a puff back from a gas or wood burning fireplace? If smoke and soot are not removed in the proper manner, you WILL smell that stale smoke odor when you open that cabinet, or get in your attic, or turn on your HVAC unit.


If an item can be restored, we will restore it. Restoration has saved insurance companies millions of dollars over the years. This trickles down to home or business owner’s everyday as lower premiums. However, not all items and structures can be restored, so Wallace Construction Group can perform demolition services as well as rebuilding of the structure. From demolition all the way to small details such as repainting trim, We  are your one stop shop. Although you hire us, we work with the insurance adjuster to assure that you are getting the kind of quality condition your property was before the loss from the disaster.


Sometimes we are able to save a hardwood floor in a home or business by treating and refinishing and other times it is more cost effective to remove and replace. Every situation is different and we treat each customer with care as if the property were our own.


You’ve had a fire at your home, you are standing there with the Fire Chief not sure what to do next. While walking through your home, you know you definitely cannot stay there but you are not sure what to do with your furniture, collectibles, pots/pans, appliances, etc. We will help you sort out what is salvageable and what is not. We can pack-out and inventory your personal items and take them back to our facility to be cleaned and stored. Your insurance adjuster will probably have you keep a complete inventory list. If we advise that a certain item cannot be restored but has a sentimental value to you, we will do our best to attempt restoration. We realize that not everything is replaceable!


After we have packed-out, inventoried, and transported your items to our facility, we proceed with the cleaning process while our other crews are beginning work at your property. There are numerous ways to clean items, ranging from a chemical sponge to state-of-the-art

Ultrasonic Machines. We take great pride in treating your valuables with extreme care. If we are unhappy with the results of certain items, we let you and the insurance adjuster know so that we all stay “on the same page” and decide how to proceed.

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