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About Us


Wallace Construction Group was founded in 1989 by owner Marc Wallace and it has continued as a family tradition for over 26 years. Marc was a natural entrepreneur and started his career at a young age. From mowing yards and landscaping, at 11 years old, Marc soon learned the importance of satisfying his customers. His career moved on into his early teen and adult years to include many skilled trades such as framing, concrete, electrical and building. Now, running a construction company, he runs his company in much the same way he ran his crews in his earlier years. With respect for the client who has placed his/her trust in him, with patience and clear guidance for the crews who work for him, and always with a strong goal-oriented drive.

Those earlier trade skill years gave Marc a deep appreciation and excitement for challenging and interesting projects. As a hands on contractor, you not only benefit from his guidance and elite hiring standards, but also from his personal widespread skill set. He doesn’t just sub out to people who do the work for him, he has done it all himself, from digging foundations to finishing a hardwood floor. Give him a call today and he will personally meet with you and discuss the best way to reach your remodeling or construction goals.

From building a custom home from the ground up, kitchen/bath renovation or a commercial building, Wallace Construction Group, is still a hometown company, and our family is passionate about helping you build your dreams!

Want to Talk to Us about your Restoration, Kitchen / Bath or any other project now?

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